Surviving Hellfrost

Session 7 - Back to Atlantaris Isle

While escorting the on the 20 freed slaves back to the River we noticed a company of Orc Riders in hot pursuit.

Thankfully climbing a nearby tree allowed me to see them coming ahead of time and make preparation, also as luck would have it one of the Orc had such a large head I could even make it out in the distance. Not wanting to pass up such a opportunity I called them out waving my arms etc making sure they saw me and started heading our way.

The others were not to happy with me but it made little difference as they were already tracking us and it would have only been a mater of time before they caught up to us so why not bring them to us on our own terms….that and killing orcs is always worth the time and effort.

We sent the villagers on ahead with instruction to run toward to river if we didn’t meed up with them in the next hour.

After covering there tracks we setup a ambush for the oncoming Orc Riders.

They charged in at me as I was not going to hide about behind some tree and was standing in the middle of a clearing with a tree to my back yelling the normal Orc lobotomy and lantern insults.

ArlinArlin Stormblade tried a clothesline attack using a length of rope and a few well positioned trees to stop the assault but due to a misjudgment in the strength of the attacking mob it was not enough.

After the rope failed GaidonGaidon ap-Howel with a bit of quick thinking cast a masterful Entagle on them before they reach me to stop them in there tracks.

After that I charged into the group Sweeping my axe left and right tanking a Orc with each blow.

As the battle continued I was becoming concerned that my chosen Bigheaded Orc was in the back and fearing he would run requested my fellow companions stop him if they could. Some deadly sword swings later Arlin had hacked of his legs to my relief he would be going know were before I got at his head.

TarisTaris ‘The Cold’ Velaris in his normal useless manner fired a few arrows into the mob not seeming to have any real effect while some great throws by Surta killed the straggling peripheral Orcs in quick fashion.

After the battle I collected my Head and tossed the old one and we made a quick retreat covering our Tracks back to the villages.

We had Gaidon take a horn found on one of the Ord Rider corms and Burrow of in the opposite direction blowing the horn every couple hundred yards leading the reinforcements the wrong way.

Because of the great speed in which a mage can travel underground he ended up beating us back to the river crossing…dam Wizards.

We dropped the villagers off and collected our reward for the ears….or tried to. For some reason the fool wanted Boar Orc Necklaces and not the large collection of Orc ears I have collected. Not sure what use boar necklaces would be, dont see how that proves a Orc was killed. Must be a silly human thing again sigh.

After that we went back to town, as it has been a week we stoped by the Alchemist to collect our money.

He had deciphered part of the journal but nothing of any real help but he seemed ecited by some sorts of expenses ledger and wanted to hire us to go investigate what Mad Guffy was buying from them.

He charged me a outrageous Sum for a large pickling Jar to keep my Orc Head fresh but I arranged to return it later to get some of the money back when I was done with it.

It seems tomorrow we will be heading off to do some more investigation for him, as long as we get paid and have a chance to kill something along the way I will be fine.

We had a bard tell our tale in the local market place and everyone else got a good run out of it but I think the bard must have been a racest because even though I carried the whole adventure through and without me none of it would have been possible he hardly mentioned me. Hopefully Agdis will turn up again soon as she wont stilt me like other humans.

For now I am going to have a drink at the local tavern with my head and beer as company.



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