Surviving Hellfrost

Session 5 - Tricked into Rescuing a Village

Outline of Session to be fleshed out later

Found map of surrounding area on Orc Scout bodies

Showed the village location we where meant to help reinforce.

Agdis and Arlin led us in that direction instead off after the rest of the Boar Tusk/Teeth Orc tribe.

Found village under siege.

Burrow Mage into village in secret to find out how we could help

Underground secret Tunnel into village.

Map Of Town Battle – 1 Town_Battle.jpg (132 KB) 2

3 4

Town Militia, Archers and Audry the Priest to help us hold of the Orc Hoard.

Orc Raiders (Riding Wild Boar’s), Drummers, Archers, Warriors and 2 Ogre’s trying to bash in the gates.

Taris and the Flaming explosive cart of Doom.

Cowardly Orcs.

Cry – Didnt even get to decapitate 1 Live orc :`(

Much Loot – Large Orc Shield



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