Surviving Hellfrost

Session 1
Atlantaris Isle

Disclaimer – The below is taken from the faulty memory of Mord AnvilDoom and subject to mistakes and embellishments.

MorD and the gang all started on a Ship heading to Atlantaris Isle, while in transit were set upon by some lite entertainment in the form of a Large Ship of Orc Pirate. The were even kind enough to stop the wind and calm the seas to make things easier.

After we pulled the boat closer I jumped aboard the Orc ship and proceeded to dish out some whole sale slaughter on the first wave of Orc defenders, when the final Orc fled to bring back some reinforcements the rest of the group decided to dump a few barrels of Oil down onto their deck and into the hold.

Not wanting to to be around so much fire I sadly had to go back to our ship but all in all watching the burning Orc ship with many squealing scrambling figures running around the deck kept me quite amused for many a hour as we continued on our way.

Now before we continue yes Arlin did take a passable shot which indeed take the head clean of a Orc in one shot but it just goes to show even the unlucky can sometimes get lucky.

After arriving at Atlantaris Isle Warfs, Ulfi and Tall Saxa woman who was also traveling on the ship offered us a Job opportunity if only we where to meet her later in a Tavern she owns called the Wall.

Not having much else to do I proceeded to take her up on her offer of free beer and entertainment at The Wall.

After some annoyance me and the lass were able to find The Wall (Trust humans not to understand how to make a readable map).

The others in the group after doing there own thing also joined us, the uppity Earth Experimentalist Galdon fellow ordered the strangest thing a “Lite Beer”....I must say nearly swallowed my tongue when I heard this, only a human could think watering down beer and charging more for it would be a good idea.

On a side note the supposed Tab of 3GS will need to be followed up on later time. Also the Lass is becoming quite the Skald and sang a beautiful tale of My Heroic deeds to again earn her way which shows that I might not have not made a mistake when I didn’t tie her up for a 3rd time and leave her behind again after she decided to keep following me.

Once Ulfi got some free time later that night she advised us her Alchemist friend was looking for some strong adventures to do a Job.

Upon talking to the nervous Alchemist fellow we learned he wants us to go to some Forrest and find a sample or recipe for some Metal Bark made by another Alchemist who died years ago…Seems a simple enough job though strange. Who ever heard of Wood being as strong as Steel. They must obviously mean Human steel because there is now way something like wood could ever be as strong as good old Dwarven steel.

Anyway that aside we were offered 200 GS each (or was it 400 GS) and if the “Steelwood” thing turns out it could have some interesting prospect but without a proper Dwarven Engineer to make good use of it I don’t hold much hope.

After a Nights rest we each went our Separate ways to see if anyone knew were in the blasted Forrest we were meant to go.

After striking out talking to the local lumberjacks the others had some luck in the Library which gave us a direction to travel and some land marks to look out for.

After two days travel in the Forrest and might have been a close encounter with some small spiders we found a abandoned dilapidated manor. We found nothing inside but a strange puzzle above the fireplace that appears to be a key to a secret door to the basement.

The Clever puzzle had me a hair breath away from smashing the whole thing with my axe when the others by the grace of “God” finally solved it and revealed a doorway down in the basement.


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