Surviving Hellfrost

Session 3 - The Dagger, Jail and a Dragon?

Quick outline to be fleshed out later.

The day started like any other, woke up next to the fireplace feeling fine (don’t know why humans always complain about hang overs, dont see how the week stuff they call beer could give anyone a hang over), while the rest of the party (Agdis, Gaidon, and Arlin) decided to head of to the Temple of Tiw to do some investigation or some such I went out in search of a good drink accompanied by Taris.

The first Tavern we came across was called The Dagger, seems it is the unofficial tavern of the city guard, after ording a few drinks decided to join a game of Dart Daggers, after making a spectacular throw that “intentionally” bounced of the board and into a nearby drink some guards (around 7+) came up and accused me of showing off, that or something about spilling a drink. Anyway they seemed to want a fight and like any good dwarf I was only too happy to oblige.

During the brawl some bugger must have snuck up behind me and conked me on the head because everything went black, next time I see that bloody Taris we are going to have words.

Next think I new I woke up in a dame Jail sell with a damaged arm and a splitting headache.

After slumming it a while Agdis bless her heart and the others came to get me out, the stupid watch captain wanted something meticulous like 70gs for the trouble, which was outrageous as I hadnt even had a change to break anything before I was knocked out.

After bartering him down we manage to lower the fee to covering a night patrol in the Slums for the guards, seems a they had been having reports for weeks of homeless people disappearing and were only to happy if we would investigate the matter for them.

Seemed like a good deal so we took it, had to leave behind payment as insurance tho but after bringing back proof (Red Brick from house in slums) of a patrol they would return the money.

After some combined First aid from the party members to help get me back into fighting order we headed on out to cover the midnight watch.

During the Patrol we came across a Giant “Dragon” lizard with a what appeared to be a ragged arm probably belonging to some sort of homeless person hang out if its mouth hiding in one of the alleyways, as soon as we came across the thing it bolted.

Then ensued a long chase in it which to everyone surprise the dwarf was in the lead, just as we were about to catch the beast the Elementalist who was lagging behind must have finally remember his magic because he suddenly stopped waved his hands around which then caused two large spike of earth to erupt out of the ground and skewered the beast on the spot.

We then had a quick and nasty fight to finish the beast off, as the guards wanted proof i decided to cut the head off for a Trophy and dragged it back to the guard house to only find it closed.

Was going to paint a sign saying “Will be back” in dragon blood but party would not let me for some reason.

Not wanting to leave the prize on the doorstop for others to steal I decided to offer it to the Temple of Tiw again as I knew they would appreciate it . While it appeared I woke them up they seemed “Pleased” with the offering.

Ended up bunking in the stable with Norn as the other were all complaining about some smell or something so to keep the peace I stayed in the stable, never know I might be able to find that stash of whisky the donkey kept getting into.

Next morning we returned for bail money, they wanted to make a thing the trail of blood coming and going from the front of the building so I told them if they had stayed up they could have had the head but if they really wanted it they would have to go fight the Temple of Tiw for it.

I got some strange looks at that but who can tell what Humaies are thinking sometimes.

Agdis sang a exception song of Heroic Dragon chasing and slaying in the markets which was meat with great gusto.



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