Surviving Hellfrost

Session 7 - Payback, Secret Entrace and 1000 to 1(*Koff 6)

Agdis turned up from somewhere?, glad to finally have her back, she seems a bit more stressed than normal but probably nothing.

Went out on the town with Norn(The Mule) and Micky(The Chicken) bar hoping and keeping my ears open.

Seems people are a bit on edge because of a bunch of mage assassinations going on of late.

Came back to The Wall to find the others leaving for some dinner, I would have been upset not being invited but Arlin had left a open Tab at the bar with Ulfie which kinda made it hard to feel left out. Wouldn’t have wanted to go to a snooty elf dinner anyway.

To get some payback on Arlin for the whole river incident that nearly Killed me (Grrr)after the other had left I wiped a large amount of Poison Ivy leaves upon Arlins bedclothes for nasty surprise for him tomorrow, after that I again went out on the town with Norn and Micky but this time we were on patrol looking for any sign of that fellow who was stalking Gidion last night.

Not finding much and getting back late I slept in the stable.

Gidion tried a intervention the next morning – he seems to have this daft impression that I am drinking to much. More like not enough, humans gets some strange ideas from time to time (always).

The next day I was please to see Arlin wake up with a large nasty rash covering his body and scratching all the time (Payback is always itchy – Old dwarf saying). So while the say started quite pleasantly we all decided to take the alchemist up on his offer and investigate the Warehouse District about more information on the Steelwood.

Left for district – took it slow – had norn – took most of day made it there late afternoon.

Saw 2 fellow head into one of the dilapidated abandoned warehouses and followed to ask directions.

Set upon by 2 GIANT lizard but dispatched them quick enough. Found side room with stank Statue and a Hidden Safe behind a painting.

Found key for safe in draws…? silly humans.

Safe was trapped but thankfully Arlin was the one who opened it so nothing bad happened to me.

In safe was a green gem and papers.

The Gem Matched sicket in statue – upon connecting these a secret door opened up heading down into darkness.

Raced down ahead of others, Open Room – sound of rushing water – Lady closed Portcullis on far side of room.

Charges across room quickly filling with water (Cant swim) and smashed the gate in with a might smash of my warhammer.

Race after her again with others trailing behind.

Lady summon two fire elemental’s – weak could not even hurt me but at the same time my axe would only pass through them

Ran ahead as could not help with no magical abilities into next room. (The others had dealt with the Elementals and also tied the lady up after making sure she was stable)

Rooms lines with hundreds of steelwood golems but all lifeless.

Strange mage man at end of room atop a pedestal reading a book.

Another charge had me a Giadon up close, i was at axe crush skull range while Gidion was launching bolts from the rear.

As I was about to cleave the fellow in two he teleported away not before raising his staff mumbling some mubo jumbo which caused 6 of the Golems to spring to life.

Is a real rage with my prey escaping right from under my axe i turned around and proceed to smash a row of golems in 1 hit, disconcertingly as they were destroyed a green glow (the same sort of green flow that sprang from the mages staff before he ported away that brought them to life) sprang from the gems in there chests and animated 3 more idle golems.

Looking upon row upon row of Golems numbing likely close to a 1000 or more I gritted me teeth and settled down for what was going to be a very long fight against overwhelming odds (Grin – just the way I like it – muhahahahaha).



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