Surviving Hellfrost

Session 6 - Orc Slavers and a Chicken on my Head!

After collecting a bunch more ears from all the decimated Orcs and snagging a Well made (for a Orc anyway) Large shield we set about preparing the villager to re-treat back behind the river and the defensive forces of Atlantaris Isle.

A few extra stupid humans wanted to stay behind but when we explained that if they really wanted to fight and to be at least a little effective and not just throw their lives away they should come back with us and join the army/guard who are in great demand of more manpower.

1 of 3 days travel back we came across the Army relief column that was being sent to rescue the very villages we had just rescued. In the column we came across a previous acquaintance Surta the Paladin of Tiw. Turns our he had come to join the fight (a sensible human this one), considering we no longer needed to fully escort the human refugees all the way back we depart ways and planned to head back into Orc Woods to see if we could scout out the main army.

It was around this time Agdis disappeared but knowing her I was not to worried, she had a habit of always coming back fine with some new strange stories to tell usually I give it a 1-2 weeks before I start bothering to go look for her.

Before we left the villagers in the hands of the Army they gifted us each with a prized possession for coming to them in there time of need, the other got silly things like a Sword, a map and even a chicken ?. Some silly blacksmith was going to give me a Axe or something until I spied that the fool was using a Dwarf Warhammer as black smith hammer. Tiw knows how it got there but the fellow was only to happy to give this to me once I told him what it was.

So we left with Surta in tow…haha the Paladin of Tiw in Tow hehehe…. and after half a days travel back into Orc Woods with Arlin leading the way we heard the Grunts of Orcs and the screams of some humans coming from ahead. Not waiting to find out I charged into battle (Its Only Orcs, the more the merrier I say). As we came through the bruch a quick inspection showed a large column of orcs escorting a group of 20 chained together humans of to some likely cruel fate.

There were a couple of real mean looking Orc Shaman types up front with there usual death mask like accessories that I honestly find silly as nothing is uglier than a Orc face and its hard to tell the difference sometimes (that is until you peel the skin of their head), with them were 4 well equipped for lack of a better term elite orcs with 8 bruiser/thug orcs in tow behind them and the human group with another 4 more boar outriders at each corner of the group.

Seemed almost unfair odds for the Orc me against only a piddly 18 Orcs but who was I to complain there was Orc killing to be done.

Things started looking real bad for Arlin as he took a real hard magic hit from the Orc shaman that nearly put him down and out in the early rounds but some quick work by Surta and Gaidon manage to help us hold them off, meanwhile I was in the thick of the battle alone surrounded by Orcs (Right were I Belong) slashing all round me not even noticing there feeble attempts to get past my defenses, some whirlwind slashes with my axe cleaved multiple orcs down each Sweep of my blade (I am pretty sure I killed at least 20 of the orcs bye my self) . Taristhe coward almost fled the battle for all the use he was I dont think he took down a single orc the entire battle.

When the glorious battle was done I for the first time since coming to Atlantais isle I truly felt the glow of Triumph, with copious amounts of Orc blood sliding down my face, beard and armor I truly felt divine. I cant help feel Tiw was smiling upon me that moment.

It was only as things cooled down that I came to relies that one of my companions had placed that Crazy Chicken Mickey on my head just before we entered into combat, I was all set to go ballistic until I got him down and saw the indignant look on his green face at being disturbed from his roost (Bye that time he was as cover in orc blood as me he has been dyed green) that I could not help but Laugh and Laugh. I have decided to keep Micky for now and I might not even eat him when I get hungry because a chicken that can stay seated on my head during a ferocious melee against a hoard of Orcs deserves to not be eaten willy nilly.

Still laughing we freed the humans from there ropes and started a quick march back to the river as sadly we cant leave these survivors to there own devices for fear of them being recaptured.



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