Surviving Hellfrost

Session 4 - ORCS!!!!!

Deciding to avoid any further conflict with the guards for today I decided to head out to the nearby woodcutters grove and earn a bit of coin and relieve some stress by felling a few trees.

Taris went hunting , while Agdis, Arlin and Gaidon went to investigate the Library.

While Agdis was continuing to learn Anaris at what appeared to be a fast pace for a human the others didn’t really learn much (I think).

Later that night while having a drink we overheard and joined a group a group Mercenaries from the Misfits company for drinks, the lads had a magnificent Orc head specimen and a bang of gold to show for there recent exploits, almost as big as one I used to have back home…....sigh, probably gone by now.

Anyway we learned that across the river in “Orcwood” (now that sounds like a grand place for hunting) you could easily reach the front lines of the war between Atlantaris Isle and the Orc tribes was raging harder than it had in many years. Because of this the city guard was under funded and under staffed which lead to them needing to employ us last night.

We were advised by the group to seek their commander Bloodbeard if we wanted to help out.

Heading over to the battle front we quickly found Bloodbeard who could not really help us unless we were also members of the Misfits but was able to direct us to some of the local forts lead by different lords.

One wanted us to escorts some villages out of the battle zone who had been stranded for the last couple weeks while the other was offering a bounty on Orc ears (or was it necklaces…we took both just in case).

Before we took up the 2nd lords offer I entered into a bet with some other soldiers on who ever brings back the biggest Orc head wins the bet of 10gs.

While crossing the river Arlin the devious bastard pushed me into the river when I wasn’t looking (something about a smell again….bah) after nearly drowning I manage to struggle ashore (Mark my words I will have my revenge) and the only reason I did not feed Arlin his ears on a plate is the close proximity to a lot of Orcs made me so happy it was hard to keep the murderous rage in place.

We quickly head off to the last known location of a band of Boar Tribe orcs which turned out to be abandoned, we did find a large amount of tracks leading further into the Forrest though, after following them for most of the day we came across a crossroads were a smaller group and had split from the main war band, thinking it better to whittle them down we went after the smaller group.

While following them Arlin in his normal stealthy fashion tried to sneak up on a camp we had spotted in the distance but again manage to step on every dry leaf and brittle branch in the Forrest along his way.

Unsurprisingly by the time we made it to the camp it was deserted, as we entered the grove we where ambushed by a a band of 7 Orc scouts and a one Orc Scout leader, Arlin was in a bit of trouble this time as being surrounded by Orc scouts the Experimentalist Gaidon decided to cast a devastating Ensnare on the lot of them freezing all in place which in turn let some of the orcs sneak up on hims and stab him in the back causing more than a few wounds.

The others all stayed back apart from myself offering ranged support while I ran to Arlins aid chopping left and right and the Orcs, in a reasonable time we cleaned out the remaining orcs, we tried to interrogate the final Orc but when it became clear he did not understand Trader we killed him to. While the other rested and healed Arlin I went around collecting ears for my new Necklace and measured the heads of all the dead orcs.

Finding the biggest was the Orc head was the scout leaders I quickly bagged it and its right arm as unlike the others it was not of the Boar Tribe and had a strange tattoo on its arm.

We are going to camp the night again and go looking for more orcs tomorrow.



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