Surviving Hellfrost

Session 3 - Orcs, Surta and Chicken Soup

Session 3 - Orcs, Surta and Chicken Soup

After staying the night at Guffy’s manor we started to proceed back to the City, about 1/3 of the way there we came across a campfire, Arlinattempted to “Sneak” in and scout out the situation while we hanged back but even from 100 yards away we could hear him walk into nearly every tree along the way.

After joining Arlin we beheld a great site of 15 sadly already dead Orc bodies scatter arround the clearing with about the same of humans, at the camp fire was a lone Soldier. After nearly getting into a fight we found out the Soldier was the commander of a company of Tiw recruits by the name of Surta, while training up his men they were set upon by a band of Orcs. It turns out while Surta was distracted killing the Orc chief what few were left of his men were taken captive by the Orcs, while Surta wanted to go rescue his men he was not sucidal and was just pondering what he could do as we came along.

I must mention as soon as I heard there were still Orcs left for the slaying I headed off into the wood to search bye myself not really wanting to share the fun but quickly got lost and had to make my way back to camp.

We left as a group with Surta after the Orcs, bye this time it was Night which turned out fortuitous as it helped us spot the Orc cave hideout by the light coming from the entrance.

Not really waiting for the other myself and Arlin charged the 2 entrance guards quickly killing each in one blow, in my enthusiasm I had not been able to stop myself from bellowing a loud war cry which both alerted the occupants and out friends that the fight had started.

Quickly around 15 other Orcs came running and we meet the first wave at the entrance, we quckly dispatch this wave, I charged into the cave to find some more prey for my Axe to come across 3 extra ugly Orcs who almost seemed to know what they were doing, I was having a small spot of trouble killing them as help arrived in a combination of arrows by Taris, Mud Entangle by Gaidon and a timely spot of healing by the lass.

It was a hard but good fight with much lovely Orc blood spilled, something about the colors blood red and green I cannot help but find quite soothing.

After Surta rescued the Tiw recruits who now for some reason no longer wanted to be acolytes of Tiw we again head back to the City sadly this time uneventfully. While I was there I made a offering of a Elite Orc head trophy to the Tiw high priest who looked quite pleased and gave me his blessing. I was planning to keep it for Agdis’s next show to spice things up but it seemed the right thing to do while I was there .

Once back in the City we first stopped by the Temple of Tiw so Surta could check in and then onto the Alchemist to collect our 400gs reward. The bloody alchemist would not pay it all up front as he was not sure the encoded manual was what he needed but he did let us chose a range of Potions that might come in handy for later.

After this we headed back to The Wall to get some rest only to find that dam Drunk mule has somehow gotten into the whiskey again an was beating up the stable boys again, if I didn’t specifically remember me and the lass buying that mule from that human farmer last year ide think it was of Dwarf stock, but then again the farmer did seem quite happy to be rid of it and it was a bargain. Who ever said you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth had never meet our Mule Norn.

Ide have gotten rid of Norn a while back but the lass wont hear of it so not much else I can do as she dose take care of it and all.

Once seated we had the cook make that Chicken soup recipe Taris had gotten from Guffy’s lab for a treat, while we waited Agdis filled in for the local skald sap to help out Ulfie again and sang a great song of adventure of my favorite kind, killing orcs in a cave with some small bit about rescue yada yada but the killing Orcs bit almost brings a tear of Joy to me eyes. Somehow the audience while enjoying the excellent song did not seem to take much of it away with them.

Now of note the Glowing Chicken Soup was delicious> I don’t know why no-one else but me and Taris ate, I did not Taris seemed to turn a bit red after one bite (I didnt think it was all that hot myself) while I was only to happy to eat everyone else share as well. For some reason or another after my 5th bowl it gets a bit hazy but the next morning I woke up fine.

Anyone who tells you they have seen a Frost Dwarf turned Orange is a liar by the way and if you want to say other wise to my face be warned I don’t take to kindly to liars.



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