Surviving Hellfrost

Session 2 - Guffy's Labs

.....So we all descended into the dark staircase that descended from the hidden fireplace entrance. The stair where obviously human work as no Dwarf would make stairs so uneven and badly seated, the walls where also crumbling with tree roots breaking through intermittently along the way down.

During the decent we had a little run-in with a swarm of ants that where quickly dispatched by a little improvised shield bashing on my part , some rocks by Earth Hrimwizard Geldon and some quick dagger work by Arlin. Will have to remember to never to bet against him if we ever play a game of Five Finger Filet.

Anyway at the bottom of the stairs we saw a what clearly had to be a alchemist lab with class container and bottle everywhere. We saw and collected some strange Potion’s but no real sign of “Steelwood” so just before we decided to continue to the next room Arlin heard and informed us we had company coming down the Stairway.

A “Lord” Eraze of the Mageocrocy came down the stairs with his second in command Jeff and a group of 9 other flunkies following in tow.

We where a hairs breath from killing them all when after some “negotiation” we found that the Eraze did not appear to be after the same “Steelwood” we where after but something else in Mad Guffys lab not that he would tell us what it was at the time.

He would not leave without what he came for and we where not going to leave without searching the rest of the lab for what we where looking for so we decided he could bring half his part with him and we would continue the search together.

After 5 of the 9 flunkies left including Jeff the 2nd in command I barred the exed with a cabinet just in case and we continue into the next room.

In the next room much to our surprise was what we where both looking for, it looks like Mad Guffy was really Mad as he seemed to have designed and made 6 “Steelwood Golems”, now we all know Golems where taboo since the Golem Uprising War and where all meant to be destroyed but hear were 6 of the buggers and made of Steelwood to boot. They appeared inactive at frist so while Erase was going all gaga over them and getting all excited that he had found what he was looking for we continue to search the room for notes etc on the Steelwood formula for Ulfies Alchemist friend.

During our search one of the Golems came to life and crushed the skull of one of the Lords flunkies like a egg (hehe – soft headed humans) which in turn brought the others awake.

After a few round of brutal battle there was 1 Golem left “alive” in which I was intent on correcting when the Stupid Lord tried ordering us to stop, I was having none of this and proceed the cleave the Golem in two with my axe.

During the the Lord made a fatal mistake by trying to case a shock spell on me and my surround complains which failed miserably but still hurt. Giving him but a moment to regret his action myself and the rest of the party probably killed him and the rest of his entourage.

One of them “Tony” I think he said his name was surrendered and spilled his guts about how he was just a mercenary for the Mageocracy and some information on how many others were waiting for us to return with Lord Eraze upstairs.

After we finished searching/looting the rooms and collecting a bunch of Steelwood Golem parts we proceed back upstairs to kill the rest of the Lords group.

During the battle upstairs it seems the girl was again overcome by some strange force, she went into what appeared to be a screaming Berserker rage as she ran up to one of the flunkies and slashed him to pieces with that silly old sharp kitchen knife. (I have offered to replace it with a proper dagger but she wont let it go, not that I am one to talk I have had the same Axe for 20 years)

Somehow everyone died but us even the flunkies that surrendered. (Mental note do not leave important hostages alone with Taris).

The bodies where looted and some gold was found with a few usable weapons, when done we moved all the bodies back into the alchemist lab, resealed the fireplace and broke all the puzzle keys so no-one will ever find the bodies.

All that is left now is to head back to city for our reward. Hopefully no-one will put two and two together and link Lord Eraze’s disappearance with a random bunch of adventures.

But then again it might be worth looking into ourselves as a True Lord of the Mageocracy should not have been looking into how to bring back Golem’s, while I don’t like Mage’s that much and less when it comes to “Lords” it could lead to a spot of fun.


Nice writeup!

Session 2 - Guffy's Labs

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