Surviving Hellfrost

Session 7 - Payback, Secret Entrace and 1000 to 1(*Koff 6)

Agdis turned up from somewhere?, glad to finally have her back, she seems a bit more stressed than normal but probably nothing.

Went out on the town with Norn(The Mule) and Micky(The Chicken) bar hoping and keeping my ears open.

Seems people are a bit on edge because of a bunch of mage assassinations going on of late.

Came back to The Wall to find the others leaving for some dinner, I would have been upset not being invited but Arlin had left a open Tab at the bar with Ulfie which kinda made it hard to feel left out. Wouldn’t have wanted to go to a snooty elf dinner anyway.

To get some payback on Arlin for the whole river incident that nearly Killed me (Grrr)after the other had left I wiped a large amount of Poison Ivy leaves upon Arlins bedclothes for nasty surprise for him tomorrow, after that I again went out on the town with Norn and Micky but this time we were on patrol looking for any sign of that fellow who was stalking Gidion last night.

Not finding much and getting back late I slept in the stable.

Gidion tried a intervention the next morning – he seems to have this daft impression that I am drinking to much. More like not enough, humans gets some strange ideas from time to time (always).

The next day I was please to see Arlin wake up with a large nasty rash covering his body and scratching all the time (Payback is always itchy – Old dwarf saying). So while the say started quite pleasantly we all decided to take the alchemist up on his offer and investigate the Warehouse District about more information on the Steelwood.

Left for district – took it slow – had norn – took most of day made it there late afternoon.

Saw 2 fellow head into one of the dilapidated abandoned warehouses and followed to ask directions.

Set upon by 2 GIANT lizard but dispatched them quick enough. Found side room with stank Statue and a Hidden Safe behind a painting.

Found key for safe in draws…? silly humans.

Safe was trapped but thankfully Arlin was the one who opened it so nothing bad happened to me.

In safe was a green gem and papers.

The Gem Matched sicket in statue – upon connecting these a secret door opened up heading down into darkness.

Raced down ahead of others, Open Room – sound of rushing water – Lady closed Portcullis on far side of room.

Charges across room quickly filling with water (Cant swim) and smashed the gate in with a might smash of my warhammer.

Race after her again with others trailing behind.

Lady summon two fire elemental’s – weak could not even hurt me but at the same time my axe would only pass through them

Ran ahead as could not help with no magical abilities into next room. (The others had dealt with the Elementals and also tied the lady up after making sure she was stable)

Rooms lines with hundreds of steelwood golems but all lifeless.

Strange mage man at end of room atop a pedestal reading a book.

Another charge had me a Giadon up close, i was at axe crush skull range while Gidion was launching bolts from the rear.

As I was about to cleave the fellow in two he teleported away not before raising his staff mumbling some mubo jumbo which caused 6 of the Golems to spring to life.

Is a real rage with my prey escaping right from under my axe i turned around and proceed to smash a row of golems in 1 hit, disconcertingly as they were destroyed a green glow (the same sort of green flow that sprang from the mages staff before he ported away that brought them to life) sprang from the gems in there chests and animated 3 more idle golems.

Looking upon row upon row of Golems numbing likely close to a 1000 or more I gritted me teeth and settled down for what was going to be a very long fight against overwhelming odds (Grin – just the way I like it – muhahahahaha).

Session 7 - Back to Atlantaris Isle

While escorting the on the 20 freed slaves back to the River we noticed a company of Orc Riders in hot pursuit.

Thankfully climbing a nearby tree allowed me to see them coming ahead of time and make preparation, also as luck would have it one of the Orc had such a large head I could even make it out in the distance. Not wanting to pass up such a opportunity I called them out waving my arms etc making sure they saw me and started heading our way.

The others were not to happy with me but it made little difference as they were already tracking us and it would have only been a mater of time before they caught up to us so why not bring them to us on our own terms….that and killing orcs is always worth the time and effort.

We sent the villagers on ahead with instruction to run toward to river if we didn’t meed up with them in the next hour.

After covering there tracks we setup a ambush for the oncoming Orc Riders.

They charged in at me as I was not going to hide about behind some tree and was standing in the middle of a clearing with a tree to my back yelling the normal Orc lobotomy and lantern insults.

ArlinArlin Stormblade tried a clothesline attack using a length of rope and a few well positioned trees to stop the assault but due to a misjudgment in the strength of the attacking mob it was not enough.

After the rope failed GaidonGaidon ap-Howel with a bit of quick thinking cast a masterful Entagle on them before they reach me to stop them in there tracks.

After that I charged into the group Sweeping my axe left and right tanking a Orc with each blow.

As the battle continued I was becoming concerned that my chosen Bigheaded Orc was in the back and fearing he would run requested my fellow companions stop him if they could. Some deadly sword swings later Arlin had hacked of his legs to my relief he would be going know were before I got at his head.

TarisTaris ‘The Cold’ Velaris in his normal useless manner fired a few arrows into the mob not seeming to have any real effect while some great throws by Surta killed the straggling peripheral Orcs in quick fashion.

After the battle I collected my Head and tossed the old one and we made a quick retreat covering our Tracks back to the villages.

We had Gaidon take a horn found on one of the Ord Rider corms and Burrow of in the opposite direction blowing the horn every couple hundred yards leading the reinforcements the wrong way.

Because of the great speed in which a mage can travel underground he ended up beating us back to the river crossing…dam Wizards.

We dropped the villagers off and collected our reward for the ears….or tried to. For some reason the fool wanted Boar Orc Necklaces and not the large collection of Orc ears I have collected. Not sure what use boar necklaces would be, dont see how that proves a Orc was killed. Must be a silly human thing again sigh.

After that we went back to town, as it has been a week we stoped by the Alchemist to collect our money.

He had deciphered part of the journal but nothing of any real help but he seemed ecited by some sorts of expenses ledger and wanted to hire us to go investigate what Mad Guffy was buying from them.

He charged me a outrageous Sum for a large pickling Jar to keep my Orc Head fresh but I arranged to return it later to get some of the money back when I was done with it.

It seems tomorrow we will be heading off to do some more investigation for him, as long as we get paid and have a chance to kill something along the way I will be fine.

We had a bard tell our tale in the local market place and everyone else got a good run out of it but I think the bard must have been a racest because even though I carried the whole adventure through and without me none of it would have been possible he hardly mentioned me. Hopefully Agdis will turn up again soon as she wont stilt me like other humans.

For now I am going to have a drink at the local tavern with my head and beer as company.

Session 6 - Orc Slavers and a Chicken on my Head!

After collecting a bunch more ears from all the decimated Orcs and snagging a Well made (for a Orc anyway) Large shield we set about preparing the villager to re-treat back behind the river and the defensive forces of Atlantaris Isle.

A few extra stupid humans wanted to stay behind but when we explained that if they really wanted to fight and to be at least a little effective and not just throw their lives away they should come back with us and join the army/guard who are in great demand of more manpower.

1 of 3 days travel back we came across the Army relief column that was being sent to rescue the very villages we had just rescued. In the column we came across a previous acquaintance Surta the Paladin of Tiw. Turns our he had come to join the fight (a sensible human this one), considering we no longer needed to fully escort the human refugees all the way back we depart ways and planned to head back into Orc Woods to see if we could scout out the main army.

It was around this time Agdis disappeared but knowing her I was not to worried, she had a habit of always coming back fine with some new strange stories to tell usually I give it a 1-2 weeks before I start bothering to go look for her.

Before we left the villagers in the hands of the Army they gifted us each with a prized possession for coming to them in there time of need, the other got silly things like a Sword, a map and even a chicken ?. Some silly blacksmith was going to give me a Axe or something until I spied that the fool was using a Dwarf Warhammer as black smith hammer. Tiw knows how it got there but the fellow was only to happy to give this to me once I told him what it was.

So we left with Surta in tow…haha the Paladin of Tiw in Tow hehehe…. and after half a days travel back into Orc Woods with Arlin leading the way we heard the Grunts of Orcs and the screams of some humans coming from ahead. Not waiting to find out I charged into battle (Its Only Orcs, the more the merrier I say). As we came through the bruch a quick inspection showed a large column of orcs escorting a group of 20 chained together humans of to some likely cruel fate.

There were a couple of real mean looking Orc Shaman types up front with there usual death mask like accessories that I honestly find silly as nothing is uglier than a Orc face and its hard to tell the difference sometimes (that is until you peel the skin of their head), with them were 4 well equipped for lack of a better term elite orcs with 8 bruiser/thug orcs in tow behind them and the human group with another 4 more boar outriders at each corner of the group.

Seemed almost unfair odds for the Orc me against only a piddly 18 Orcs but who was I to complain there was Orc killing to be done.

Things started looking real bad for Arlin as he took a real hard magic hit from the Orc shaman that nearly put him down and out in the early rounds but some quick work by Surta and Gaidon manage to help us hold them off, meanwhile I was in the thick of the battle alone surrounded by Orcs (Right were I Belong) slashing all round me not even noticing there feeble attempts to get past my defenses, some whirlwind slashes with my axe cleaved multiple orcs down each Sweep of my blade (I am pretty sure I killed at least 20 of the orcs bye my self) . Taristhe coward almost fled the battle for all the use he was I dont think he took down a single orc the entire battle.

When the glorious battle was done I for the first time since coming to Atlantais isle I truly felt the glow of Triumph, with copious amounts of Orc blood sliding down my face, beard and armor I truly felt divine. I cant help feel Tiw was smiling upon me that moment.

It was only as things cooled down that I came to relies that one of my companions had placed that Crazy Chicken Mickey on my head just before we entered into combat, I was all set to go ballistic until I got him down and saw the indignant look on his green face at being disturbed from his roost (Bye that time he was as cover in orc blood as me he has been dyed green) that I could not help but Laugh and Laugh. I have decided to keep Micky for now and I might not even eat him when I get hungry because a chicken that can stay seated on my head during a ferocious melee against a hoard of Orcs deserves to not be eaten willy nilly.

Still laughing we freed the humans from there ropes and started a quick march back to the river as sadly we cant leave these survivors to there own devices for fear of them being recaptured.

Session 5 - Tricked into Rescuing a Village

Outline of Session to be fleshed out later

Found map of surrounding area on Orc Scout bodies

Showed the village location we where meant to help reinforce.

Agdis and Arlin led us in that direction instead off after the rest of the Boar Tusk/Teeth Orc tribe.

Found village under siege.

Burrow Mage into village in secret to find out how we could help

Underground secret Tunnel into village.

Map Of Town Battle – 1 Town_Battle.jpg (132 KB) 2

3 4

Town Militia, Archers and Audry the Priest to help us hold of the Orc Hoard.

Orc Raiders (Riding Wild Boar’s), Drummers, Archers, Warriors and 2 Ogre’s trying to bash in the gates.

Taris and the Flaming explosive cart of Doom.

Cowardly Orcs.

Cry – Didnt even get to decapitate 1 Live orc :`(

Much Loot – Large Orc Shield

Session 4 - ORCS!!!!!

Deciding to avoid any further conflict with the guards for today I decided to head out to the nearby woodcutters grove and earn a bit of coin and relieve some stress by felling a few trees.

Taris went hunting , while Agdis, Arlin and Gaidon went to investigate the Library.

While Agdis was continuing to learn Anaris at what appeared to be a fast pace for a human the others didn’t really learn much (I think).

Later that night while having a drink we overheard and joined a group a group Mercenaries from the Misfits company for drinks, the lads had a magnificent Orc head specimen and a bang of gold to show for there recent exploits, almost as big as one I used to have back home…....sigh, probably gone by now.

Anyway we learned that across the river in “Orcwood” (now that sounds like a grand place for hunting) you could easily reach the front lines of the war between Atlantaris Isle and the Orc tribes was raging harder than it had in many years. Because of this the city guard was under funded and under staffed which lead to them needing to employ us last night.

We were advised by the group to seek their commander Bloodbeard if we wanted to help out.

Heading over to the battle front we quickly found Bloodbeard who could not really help us unless we were also members of the Misfits but was able to direct us to some of the local forts lead by different lords.

One wanted us to escorts some villages out of the battle zone who had been stranded for the last couple weeks while the other was offering a bounty on Orc ears (or was it necklaces…we took both just in case).

Before we took up the 2nd lords offer I entered into a bet with some other soldiers on who ever brings back the biggest Orc head wins the bet of 10gs.

While crossing the river Arlin the devious bastard pushed me into the river when I wasn’t looking (something about a smell again….bah) after nearly drowning I manage to struggle ashore (Mark my words I will have my revenge) and the only reason I did not feed Arlin his ears on a plate is the close proximity to a lot of Orcs made me so happy it was hard to keep the murderous rage in place.

We quickly head off to the last known location of a band of Boar Tribe orcs which turned out to be abandoned, we did find a large amount of tracks leading further into the Forrest though, after following them for most of the day we came across a crossroads were a smaller group and had split from the main war band, thinking it better to whittle them down we went after the smaller group.

While following them Arlin in his normal stealthy fashion tried to sneak up on a camp we had spotted in the distance but again manage to step on every dry leaf and brittle branch in the Forrest along his way.

Unsurprisingly by the time we made it to the camp it was deserted, as we entered the grove we where ambushed by a a band of 7 Orc scouts and a one Orc Scout leader, Arlin was in a bit of trouble this time as being surrounded by Orc scouts the Experimentalist Gaidon decided to cast a devastating Ensnare on the lot of them freezing all in place which in turn let some of the orcs sneak up on hims and stab him in the back causing more than a few wounds.

The others all stayed back apart from myself offering ranged support while I ran to Arlins aid chopping left and right and the Orcs, in a reasonable time we cleaned out the remaining orcs, we tried to interrogate the final Orc but when it became clear he did not understand Trader we killed him to. While the other rested and healed Arlin I went around collecting ears for my new Necklace and measured the heads of all the dead orcs.

Finding the biggest was the Orc head was the scout leaders I quickly bagged it and its right arm as unlike the others it was not of the Boar Tribe and had a strange tattoo on its arm.

We are going to camp the night again and go looking for more orcs tomorrow.

Session 3 - The Dagger, Jail and a Dragon?

Quick outline to be fleshed out later.

The day started like any other, woke up next to the fireplace feeling fine (don’t know why humans always complain about hang overs, dont see how the week stuff they call beer could give anyone a hang over), while the rest of the party (Agdis, Gaidon, and Arlin) decided to head of to the Temple of Tiw to do some investigation or some such I went out in search of a good drink accompanied by Taris.

The first Tavern we came across was called The Dagger, seems it is the unofficial tavern of the city guard, after ording a few drinks decided to join a game of Dart Daggers, after making a spectacular throw that “intentionally” bounced of the board and into a nearby drink some guards (around 7+) came up and accused me of showing off, that or something about spilling a drink. Anyway they seemed to want a fight and like any good dwarf I was only too happy to oblige.

During the brawl some bugger must have snuck up behind me and conked me on the head because everything went black, next time I see that bloody Taris we are going to have words.

Next think I new I woke up in a dame Jail sell with a damaged arm and a splitting headache.

After slumming it a while Agdis bless her heart and the others came to get me out, the stupid watch captain wanted something meticulous like 70gs for the trouble, which was outrageous as I hadnt even had a change to break anything before I was knocked out.

After bartering him down we manage to lower the fee to covering a night patrol in the Slums for the guards, seems a they had been having reports for weeks of homeless people disappearing and were only to happy if we would investigate the matter for them.

Seemed like a good deal so we took it, had to leave behind payment as insurance tho but after bringing back proof (Red Brick from house in slums) of a patrol they would return the money.

After some combined First aid from the party members to help get me back into fighting order we headed on out to cover the midnight watch.

During the Patrol we came across a Giant “Dragon” lizard with a what appeared to be a ragged arm probably belonging to some sort of homeless person hang out if its mouth hiding in one of the alleyways, as soon as we came across the thing it bolted.

Then ensued a long chase in it which to everyone surprise the dwarf was in the lead, just as we were about to catch the beast the Elementalist who was lagging behind must have finally remember his magic because he suddenly stopped waved his hands around which then caused two large spike of earth to erupt out of the ground and skewered the beast on the spot.

We then had a quick and nasty fight to finish the beast off, as the guards wanted proof i decided to cut the head off for a Trophy and dragged it back to the guard house to only find it closed.

Was going to paint a sign saying “Will be back” in dragon blood but party would not let me for some reason.

Not wanting to leave the prize on the doorstop for others to steal I decided to offer it to the Temple of Tiw again as I knew they would appreciate it . While it appeared I woke them up they seemed “Pleased” with the offering.

Ended up bunking in the stable with Norn as the other were all complaining about some smell or something so to keep the peace I stayed in the stable, never know I might be able to find that stash of whisky the donkey kept getting into.

Next morning we returned for bail money, they wanted to make a thing the trail of blood coming and going from the front of the building so I told them if they had stayed up they could have had the head but if they really wanted it they would have to go fight the Temple of Tiw for it.

I got some strange looks at that but who can tell what Humaies are thinking sometimes.

Agdis sang a exception song of Heroic Dragon chasing and slaying in the markets which was meat with great gusto.

Session 3 - Orcs, Surta and Chicken Soup
Session 3 - Orcs, Surta and Chicken Soup

After staying the night at Guffy’s manor we started to proceed back to the City, about 1/3 of the way there we came across a campfire, Arlinattempted to “Sneak” in and scout out the situation while we hanged back but even from 100 yards away we could hear him walk into nearly every tree along the way.

After joining Arlin we beheld a great site of 15 sadly already dead Orc bodies scatter arround the clearing with about the same of humans, at the camp fire was a lone Soldier. After nearly getting into a fight we found out the Soldier was the commander of a company of Tiw recruits by the name of Surta, while training up his men they were set upon by a band of Orcs. It turns out while Surta was distracted killing the Orc chief what few were left of his men were taken captive by the Orcs, while Surta wanted to go rescue his men he was not sucidal and was just pondering what he could do as we came along.

I must mention as soon as I heard there were still Orcs left for the slaying I headed off into the wood to search bye myself not really wanting to share the fun but quickly got lost and had to make my way back to camp.

We left as a group with Surta after the Orcs, bye this time it was Night which turned out fortuitous as it helped us spot the Orc cave hideout by the light coming from the entrance.

Not really waiting for the other myself and Arlin charged the 2 entrance guards quickly killing each in one blow, in my enthusiasm I had not been able to stop myself from bellowing a loud war cry which both alerted the occupants and out friends that the fight had started.

Quickly around 15 other Orcs came running and we meet the first wave at the entrance, we quckly dispatch this wave, I charged into the cave to find some more prey for my Axe to come across 3 extra ugly Orcs who almost seemed to know what they were doing, I was having a small spot of trouble killing them as help arrived in a combination of arrows by Taris, Mud Entangle by Gaidon and a timely spot of healing by the lass.

It was a hard but good fight with much lovely Orc blood spilled, something about the colors blood red and green I cannot help but find quite soothing.

After Surta rescued the Tiw recruits who now for some reason no longer wanted to be acolytes of Tiw we again head back to the City sadly this time uneventfully. While I was there I made a offering of a Elite Orc head trophy to the Tiw high priest who looked quite pleased and gave me his blessing. I was planning to keep it for Agdis’s next show to spice things up but it seemed the right thing to do while I was there .

Once back in the City we first stopped by the Temple of Tiw so Surta could check in and then onto the Alchemist to collect our 400gs reward. The bloody alchemist would not pay it all up front as he was not sure the encoded manual was what he needed but he did let us chose a range of Potions that might come in handy for later.

After this we headed back to The Wall to get some rest only to find that dam Drunk mule has somehow gotten into the whiskey again an was beating up the stable boys again, if I didn’t specifically remember me and the lass buying that mule from that human farmer last year ide think it was of Dwarf stock, but then again the farmer did seem quite happy to be rid of it and it was a bargain. Who ever said you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth had never meet our Mule Norn.

Ide have gotten rid of Norn a while back but the lass wont hear of it so not much else I can do as she dose take care of it and all.

Once seated we had the cook make that Chicken soup recipe Taris had gotten from Guffy’s lab for a treat, while we waited Agdis filled in for the local skald sap to help out Ulfie again and sang a great song of adventure of my favorite kind, killing orcs in a cave with some small bit about rescue yada yada but the killing Orcs bit almost brings a tear of Joy to me eyes. Somehow the audience while enjoying the excellent song did not seem to take much of it away with them.

Now of note the Glowing Chicken Soup was delicious> I don’t know why no-one else but me and Taris ate, I did not Taris seemed to turn a bit red after one bite (I didnt think it was all that hot myself) while I was only to happy to eat everyone else share as well. For some reason or another after my 5th bowl it gets a bit hazy but the next morning I woke up fine.

Anyone who tells you they have seen a Frost Dwarf turned Orange is a liar by the way and if you want to say other wise to my face be warned I don’t take to kindly to liars.

Session 2 - Guffy's Labs

.....So we all descended into the dark staircase that descended from the hidden fireplace entrance. The stair where obviously human work as no Dwarf would make stairs so uneven and badly seated, the walls where also crumbling with tree roots breaking through intermittently along the way down.

During the decent we had a little run-in with a swarm of ants that where quickly dispatched by a little improvised shield bashing on my part , some rocks by Earth Hrimwizard Geldon and some quick dagger work by Arlin. Will have to remember to never to bet against him if we ever play a game of Five Finger Filet.

Anyway at the bottom of the stairs we saw a what clearly had to be a alchemist lab with class container and bottle everywhere. We saw and collected some strange Potion’s but no real sign of “Steelwood” so just before we decided to continue to the next room Arlin heard and informed us we had company coming down the Stairway.

A “Lord” Eraze of the Mageocrocy came down the stairs with his second in command Jeff and a group of 9 other flunkies following in tow.

We where a hairs breath from killing them all when after some “negotiation” we found that the Eraze did not appear to be after the same “Steelwood” we where after but something else in Mad Guffys lab not that he would tell us what it was at the time.

He would not leave without what he came for and we where not going to leave without searching the rest of the lab for what we where looking for so we decided he could bring half his part with him and we would continue the search together.

After 5 of the 9 flunkies left including Jeff the 2nd in command I barred the exed with a cabinet just in case and we continue into the next room.

In the next room much to our surprise was what we where both looking for, it looks like Mad Guffy was really Mad as he seemed to have designed and made 6 “Steelwood Golems”, now we all know Golems where taboo since the Golem Uprising War and where all meant to be destroyed but hear were 6 of the buggers and made of Steelwood to boot. They appeared inactive at frist so while Erase was going all gaga over them and getting all excited that he had found what he was looking for we continue to search the room for notes etc on the Steelwood formula for Ulfies Alchemist friend.

During our search one of the Golems came to life and crushed the skull of one of the Lords flunkies like a egg (hehe – soft headed humans) which in turn brought the others awake.

After a few round of brutal battle there was 1 Golem left “alive” in which I was intent on correcting when the Stupid Lord tried ordering us to stop, I was having none of this and proceed the cleave the Golem in two with my axe.

During the the Lord made a fatal mistake by trying to case a shock spell on me and my surround complains which failed miserably but still hurt. Giving him but a moment to regret his action myself and the rest of the party probably killed him and the rest of his entourage.

One of them “Tony” I think he said his name was surrendered and spilled his guts about how he was just a mercenary for the Mageocracy and some information on how many others were waiting for us to return with Lord Eraze upstairs.

After we finished searching/looting the rooms and collecting a bunch of Steelwood Golem parts we proceed back upstairs to kill the rest of the Lords group.

During the battle upstairs it seems the girl was again overcome by some strange force, she went into what appeared to be a screaming Berserker rage as she ran up to one of the flunkies and slashed him to pieces with that silly old sharp kitchen knife. (I have offered to replace it with a proper dagger but she wont let it go, not that I am one to talk I have had the same Axe for 20 years)

Somehow everyone died but us even the flunkies that surrendered. (Mental note do not leave important hostages alone with Taris).

The bodies where looted and some gold was found with a few usable weapons, when done we moved all the bodies back into the alchemist lab, resealed the fireplace and broke all the puzzle keys so no-one will ever find the bodies.

All that is left now is to head back to city for our reward. Hopefully no-one will put two and two together and link Lord Eraze’s disappearance with a random bunch of adventures.

But then again it might be worth looking into ourselves as a True Lord of the Mageocracy should not have been looking into how to bring back Golem’s, while I don’t like Mage’s that much and less when it comes to “Lords” it could lead to a spot of fun.

Session 1
Atlantaris Isle

Disclaimer – The below is taken from the faulty memory of Mord AnvilDoom and subject to mistakes and embellishments.

MorD and the gang all started on a Ship heading to Atlantaris Isle, while in transit were set upon by some lite entertainment in the form of a Large Ship of Orc Pirate. The were even kind enough to stop the wind and calm the seas to make things easier.

After we pulled the boat closer I jumped aboard the Orc ship and proceeded to dish out some whole sale slaughter on the first wave of Orc defenders, when the final Orc fled to bring back some reinforcements the rest of the group decided to dump a few barrels of Oil down onto their deck and into the hold.

Not wanting to to be around so much fire I sadly had to go back to our ship but all in all watching the burning Orc ship with many squealing scrambling figures running around the deck kept me quite amused for many a hour as we continued on our way.

Now before we continue yes Arlin did take a passable shot which indeed take the head clean of a Orc in one shot but it just goes to show even the unlucky can sometimes get lucky.

After arriving at Atlantaris Isle Warfs, Ulfi and Tall Saxa woman who was also traveling on the ship offered us a Job opportunity if only we where to meet her later in a Tavern she owns called the Wall.

Not having much else to do I proceeded to take her up on her offer of free beer and entertainment at The Wall.

After some annoyance me and the lass were able to find The Wall (Trust humans not to understand how to make a readable map).

The others in the group after doing there own thing also joined us, the uppity Earth Experimentalist Galdon fellow ordered the strangest thing a “Lite Beer”....I must say nearly swallowed my tongue when I heard this, only a human could think watering down beer and charging more for it would be a good idea.

On a side note the supposed Tab of 3GS will need to be followed up on later time. Also the Lass is becoming quite the Skald and sang a beautiful tale of My Heroic deeds to again earn her way which shows that I might not have not made a mistake when I didn’t tie her up for a 3rd time and leave her behind again after she decided to keep following me.

Once Ulfi got some free time later that night she advised us her Alchemist friend was looking for some strong adventures to do a Job.

Upon talking to the nervous Alchemist fellow we learned he wants us to go to some Forrest and find a sample or recipe for some Metal Bark made by another Alchemist who died years ago…Seems a simple enough job though strange. Who ever heard of Wood being as strong as Steel. They must obviously mean Human steel because there is now way something like wood could ever be as strong as good old Dwarven steel.

Anyway that aside we were offered 200 GS each (or was it 400 GS) and if the “Steelwood” thing turns out it could have some interesting prospect but without a proper Dwarven Engineer to make good use of it I don’t hold much hope.

After a Nights rest we each went our Separate ways to see if anyone knew were in the blasted Forrest we were meant to go.

After striking out talking to the local lumberjacks the others had some luck in the Library which gave us a direction to travel and some land marks to look out for.

After two days travel in the Forrest and might have been a close encounter with some small spiders we found a abandoned dilapidated manor. We found nothing inside but a strange puzzle above the fireplace that appears to be a key to a secret door to the basement.

The Clever puzzle had me a hair breath away from smashing the whole thing with my axe when the others by the grace of “God” finally solved it and revealed a doorway down in the basement.


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